The Day in Gossip: Anna Wintour's List; Zeta-Jones Bags Role!

Anna Wintour personally approved the guest list for the 7th on Sale pre-dinner party, where tables cost $50,000. [Page Six]

Leona Helmsley
’s 26-acre Greenwich estate is about to go on the market, where it’s expected to fetch a record price. [Page Six]

Ethan Hawke
almost got run over while texting. [Rush & Malloy]

CBS executive producer Shelley Ross is driving people insane at The Early Show. [Page Six]

Paris Hilton to sister Nicky: “New York has so much better guys.” [Page Six]

Catherine Zeta-Jones backed out of her role in the move Nine, apparently because director Rob Marshall wouldn’t beef up her role. [Rush & Malloy]

Billionaire George Soros, 77, is rumored to be dating a 22-year-old Russian girl. [Page Six]

Is Serena Williams dating rapper Common? [Page Six]

Former madam Heidi Fleiss may be up to her old tricks, this time with billionaire Steve Bing. [Page Six