The Day in Gossip: Clooney and Fabio’s Spat; Mandy Moore and Matt Perry More Than Friends!

George Clooney and Fabio had a public “shoving match”—the latter man: “Stop being a diva.” [Page Six]

In the aftermath of accusations that Star Jones flaked out on young girls, a “respected Detroit preacher” comes to her defense. [Page Six]

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams want their daughter, Matilda, to wake up in two identical bedrooms. [Page Six]

Sumner Redstone is once again speaking to his daughter, Shari. [Rush & Malloy: 1st item]

Mandy Moore, 27, and Matthew Perry, 38, were spotted together on a romantic date. [Page Six]

Jamie Burke showed up with May Anderson at Butter’s fifth birthday party, where they partied with Brandon Davis, who “only fell down once.” [Page Six]

Lost star Evangeline Lilly and her fiancé, Dominic Monaghan, have split. [Page Six]

Loida Lewis, widow of food magnate Reginald Lewis, sold her Fifth Avenue apartment for almost $12 million less than the asking price. [Page Six]

John Krasinski and Rashida Jones were peeped “canoodling” in the Bon Appetit Supper Club at last week’s SNL wrap party. [Rush & Malloy: 2nd item]