The Day in Gossip: Jay-Z Breaks a Rare Sweat; Stella McCartney Gets Even!

Fashion designer Stella McCartney said her ex-stepmother Heather Mills once “scraped my face out of a photo,” so Ms. McCartney has taken the high-road and created a necklace featuring a single-leg pendant. [Page Six]

Last weekend, Denise Rich was found singing the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar to Ivana Trump and other baubled betties. [Page Six]

Jay-Z may be “scrambling” to promote his new album, American Gangster. [Page Six]

The Donald’s B.F.F. Rosie O’Donnell is in talks with MSNBC to host her own primetime talk show. [Rush & Malloy: 3rd item]

Oily-heir Brandon Davis gambled away a purported $80,000 at Brittny Gastineau’s birthday bash at Harrah’s; May Anderson, Bethenny Frankel, and Federico Castelluccio refused to lend him money. [Page Six]

Did former N.Y. Stock Exchange chairman Dick Grasso have an extramarital affair? [Page Six]

Erstwhile View co-host Star Jones allegedly pocketed $17,000 to speak to 1,500 overweight Detroit girls, and then she left them … crickets … hanging. [Rush & Malloy: 1st item]

Entourage co-stars Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly bought “Suits Suck” t-shirts for their book-signing at the HBO store. [Page Six]

Benecio del Toro accompanied his friend to a meeting at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in Chelsea. [Page Six]

Russell Crowe, 43, wants to get baptized. [Rush & Malloy: 3rd item]