The Day in Gossip: Jessica Simpson Induces Vertigo; Kate Hudson, Heath Ledger and Cupid?

Jack Nicholson says he could have been an owner of the Yankees and the Lakers. [Page Six]

A clog-wearing Owen Wilson got a contemporary art lesson the other night from New York dealer Tony Shafrazi. [Rush & Malloy: 3rd item]

No Rihanna, restaurateur Nello Balan rues the rainy day he chose to lend model Le Call his fancy leather umbrella. [Page Six]

Were Kate Hudson and Heath Ledger necking last Thursday at Paul Sevigny’s Beatrice Inn? [Page Six]

Leroy (Nicky) Barnes, the “legendary Harlem drug kingpin,” is displeased with Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s portrayal of him in American Gangster. [Rush & Malloy: 1st item]

Nancy Reagan apparently has a thing for Michael Bloomberg, but she’s no fan of Rudy Giuliani. [Page Six]

A diner at the Waverly Inn was so excited to see Jessica Simpson in the same restaurant, she fell headlong into the eatery’s fireplace. [Page Six]

Madonna introduced Gogol Bordello singer Eugene Hutz to the pleasures of cross-dressing. [Rush & Malloy: 2nd item]

Lenny Kravitz asked his daughter, gal-about-town Zoe, to rethink her pink mini-skirt before going out. [Page Six]

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine refuses to see American Gangster because his girlfriend once dated Russell Crowe’s character in the film. [Page Six]

Britney Spears’ mother, Lynne, has her own manager. [Page Six]

Mary-Kate Olsen’s beaux, N.Y. Ranger Sean Avery, might be cheating with ex-girlfriend, Lake Bell, behind the twin’s back. [Page Six]

Russell Simmons
: “There is nothing slick, cool or glamorous about dog-fighting.” [Page Six]