The Day in Gossip: Penelope Cruz's Night Out; Imus to 'Settle Scores'!

When Imus returns to the air, he will likely have “scores to settle.” [Page Six]

So maybe Britney Spears isn’t pregnant after all. [Page Six]

Socialista owner Armin Amiri goes to bat for Penelope Cruz and friends. [Page Six]

John Edwards
believes that he has snuffed tabloid rumors that he had an affair. [Rush&Malloy]

Truman Capote’s drinks man, Bobby Van, died relatively quietly on Tuesday. [Page Six]

Emile Hirsch went to Marquee the other night to “lay low.” [Page Six]

Despite rumors of a split, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are still very much together, according to her rep. [Page Six]

Police don’t buy Kim Kardashian’s tale of JFK caper. [Page Six]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem made their NYC debut as a couple on Tuesday, when they walked into a pack of media at 60 Thompson. [Gatecrasher]

Ron Perelman
is suing his ex-wife and her brother for spending too much of his cash. [Page Six]

No one brought a mentor to Cathie Black’s book party, for which guests were asked to bring a mentor. [Page Six]