The Morning Read: Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton says she’s pragmatic.

Michael Crowley has a piece on “Clinton’s strategy for crushing the media,” adding to the existing body of work on the subject.

Michael Bloomberg is boning up on his G.O.P. credentials.

Darren Dopp reportedly made inconsistent statements investigators about ordering state police to watch Joe Bruno.

Unnamed sources in the governor’s office say the sole target of the investigation by the Albany County District Attorney’s office is Dopp.

Eliot Spitzer did not appear to defend Dopp when asked about the situation yesterday.

Despite considerable criticism here, Spitzer may stick to his driver’s license plan.

Michael Bloomberg thinks the U.N. building is unsafe.

Bloomberg has given the U.N. until March to install smoke detectors and other safety measures.

Bloomberg, Spitzer and Sheldon Silver will announce a new school at Battery Park City.

One name floating around to be the city’s new Board of Elections Commissioner is Marcus Cederqvist.

John McCain is putting some distance between himself and a 527 group that is helping him.

Fred Thompson gets some pro-life support.

Richard Cohen, writing about Bloomberg, says, “Will Mayor Mike run? I think he might. Can he win? I still doubt it.”

Bill Hammond wants Spitzer to stop his driver’s license policy.

And Angelina Jolie is writing a piece for The Economist.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, November 13, 2007