The So-Far Unremarkable Career of Fashionista Diaries Star

Celebrity blog Fashionista reported today that Bridget Helene—whose internship at P.R. firm Seventh House was featured on the SoapNet show The Fashionista Diaries—landed and then lost a job at Vogue. According to the item, Ms. Helene, 25, was offered a full-time temp job at the fashion glossy after she ran into Anna Wintour at 4 Times Square. When House and Garden shuttered and the belly-up book’s staffers were placed at other in-house magazines, the reality TV star got the axe.

But Conde Nast is disputing that rather dramatic version of the tale.

“She was temping here,” a spokesman for Vogue told The Daily Transom in an interview. “She came from our temp agency and was helping out with a project in the special events office. There might be some follow-up,” he said, referring to Ms. Helene’s future at Condé Nast. “It was more because we had some need for some temporary help. And she did a great job with filling in on that. I don’t think it was because she ran into Anna.”