The Stein Investigation: Pot Dealers, A Hammer, Red Paint, The Cuban

The reports this morning on the investigation into mega-broker Linda Stein‘s death are like bad pulp fiction: For starters, The Daily News says cops are looking for pot dealers who delivered to Stein’s apartment: "All of them dressed well and some delivered weed to her flat in wooden boxes inlaid with ivory, pals said."

And the murder weapon, according to that paper, was a hammer.

Then there are the reportedly spurned men, like Stein’s ex-lover Francisco Arena (a contractor), and Raoul Garcia Bernal, a "handsome Romeo type" known as The Cuban. He used to work with Stein through Prudential Douglas Elliman, but they fell out over a sale.

Meanwhile, Newsday says police took DNA and clothing fibers from the nine workers who had painted the 16th-floor terrace red.

Despite all that, the NYPD has named no suspects, and hasn’t yet made any arrests.

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