The Stein Murder Confession: Marijuana Smoke, A Yoga Stick, Kellogg’s Diner

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s press conference just now, Natavia Lowery confessed to killing 62-year-old broker to the stars, Linda Stein. In her confession, he said, Ms. Lowery told police that on the afternoon of the Tuesday she was murdered, Stein had been yelling at her 26-year-old assistant. Stein twice blew marijuana smoke in her assistant’s face, Commissioner Kelly said, even though the assistant complained it was making her ill.

Stein, according to Ms. Lowery, yelled profanities at her and waved what Commissioner Kelly called a “yoga stick”–essentially an exercise bar. Then, Ms. Lowery grabbed the stick and struck Stein six or seven times.

Police first interviewed Ms. Lowery on the day after Stein’s death, Halloween. Then yesterday she called complaining about media presence outside of her Brooklyn home. So she was taken for a chat at Kellogg’s Diner in Williamsburg; then, according to Commissioner Kelly, Ms. Lowery was driven to a precinct, where she confessed to Stein’s murder.

She’ll be arraigned later today for second-degree murder, so check back for updates.