Viggo to Star in Stallone’s Poe Biopic?

Sly Stone’s long-in-the-works Edgar Allen Poe biopic is making progress, according to Cinema Blend.

Tonight we got a fittingly strange email (Poe and weird just go together), which appears to be from one of our regular scoopers. This is a guy who’s given us at least somewhat reliable information before, so this could actually be something. Or, it could be just another Stallone related hoax, like the Stallone for Shutter Island rumor some fell for earlier this week. So read on, and take this for what it is: unconfirmed rumor.

Our source says, “Stallone has recently met with Viggo Mortensen and has offered him the role of Edgar Allan Poe in the film. Mortensen is consdiering the role although he wants some slight revisions in the script.”

Would any of those “slight revisions” include getting naked?