WGA 'Appalled' at Carson Daly

NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly is the first late-night show to go back into production since the Writers Guild of America strike shut down Hollywood more than three weeks ago. And the WGA is not happy about it.

Broadcasting & Cable reports:

“We’re disappointed at Carson Daly’s decision to return to work. Mr. Daly is not a writer and not a member of the WGA, unlike other late-night hosts Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who have all resisted network pressure and honored our writers’ picket lines,” the WGA said in a statement. “We’re especially appalled at Mr. Daly’s call for non-Guild writers to provide him with jokes. We hope he’ll change his mind and follow the lead of the other late-night hosts.”