WGA Snubbing the Press

While producers are courting the press, Writer’s Guild of America members are remaining mum, and downright rude, to the press, according to Variety

Many in showbiz don’t have a clear understanding of the writers’ demands or the reasoning behind these demands. And so far, the WGA leaders are not helping enough to get the message across.

For example:

  • WGA West press reps have never addressed the conflict with the DGA about its strike rules requiring showrunners to perform writing services, even though the DGA sent out its email to members Oct. 24.
  • Many writers are confused about the WGA’s Script Validation Program, which requires writers to turn in a draft by Thursday to the guild. The studios have told writers that they’ll be in breach. Though WGAW general counsel Tony Segall sent a letter to the AMPTP lawyer Bill Cole Oct. 24 affirming the guild’s stance, the WGA website does not address the studio’s claim at all.
  • The WGA has held exactly two news conferences this year to discuss negotiations: on July 18, after the second day of talks; and Friday to announce the strike. People in the industry want to know what’s going on and they need more info from the horse’s mouth.