Amanda Lepore Celebrates Her Birthday, Celebrates Her Birthday

Out of The Daily Transom mailbag yesterday came an extra special invitation. Like a pair of beacons on a foggy horizon, all pink and precious, was the announcement of Amanda Lepore’s birthday party, which will be held at Star Lounge tonight. Then we realized that the fog wasn’t fog at all—it was déjà vu! Ms. Lepore, the transgender fashion icon made famous as the face of fashion label Heatherette and MAC cosmetics, has already had at least one birthday party. Well, according to Michael Musto anyway. The Village Voice writer’s column this week dives feet-first into Ms. Lepore’s Lotus libations, where the fuzzy scribe was kicked out by a beefy security guy. Maybe Mr. Musto’s exile has turned Ms. Lepore into a Paris-Hilton-on-New-Year’s or a Patrick-McMullan-after-publishing-a-book type. Then again, perhaps the evening’s sponsors and the birthday girl just dig publicity.