As If Libraries Didn’t Have Enough Competition: Paperspine, the Netflix for Books, Launches

Paperspine—basically the books version of Netflix—launched last week. You can choose from 150,000 paperback titles and four subscription plans, ranging from $9.95 to $24.95 a month. Sure, that’s cool. But, um, isn’t this just like a library? I guess you can be a lazy bum and not schlep back and forth from your local branch. (Think of all the cardio you’re missing out on!) You won’t have to deal with pesky late fees …

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

[Dustin] Hubbard — who co-founded Paperspine with two other Microsoft employees (he declined to identify them because they are still employed at the company) — thinks those hurdles are surmountable.

“Books are expensive,” said Hubbard, adding that a person can easily drop $50 at on three paperbacks.

“If you read four or five books a year, the service is not that useful,” he says. “But if you read one or two or more books a month the service really pays for itself.”