Bill Clinton: Bloomberg Is ‘Extraordinarily Able’ Mayor, May Not Want to Be President

In a chaotic scrum with reporters just now at an announcement in the Bronx about energy efficency for public housing, Bill Clinton said Michael Bloomberg was “a good man and a great mayor.”

When asked (by Rafael) if Bloomberg is “presidential timber,” Clinton said, “I don’t know if he has presidential aspirations,” and that Bloomberg, who was at the announcement with him, is an “extraordinarily able mayor.”

Clinton added, “And you know, no one knows, until you get to be president. I think Hillary does and that’s the only thing I’m concentrating on now.”

I would have had better audio and video of the event, but Clinton aides physically tried blocking some reporters from approaching the former president. At one point, New York Post city hall bureau chief David Seifman shoved his way past a Clinton aide, clearing the way for everyone else.

UPDATE: An attendee at today’s announcement had me replay my recording of the event, where, it sounds like Clinton is heaping some unprecedented praise onto Bloomberg. “Obviously I hope he doesn’t wind up being an opponent just because I like him so much,” the former president says.