Campaign Ads: Championing Freedom, Promoting Safety, Defending Voters

A number of candidates are pushing out ads in the last days before the caucuses begin:

Giuliani hits on 9/11, the “greatest generation,” American strength, the concept of freedom, the meaning of democracy and fighting Islamic terrorism.

Hillary Clinton lists the unpopular things she has stood up for, and promises to stand up for voters.

Bill Richardson gives his credentials, then his plan for Iraq.

Thompson uses a variety of press clips and endorsements to make his case as a choice for conservatives, though it won’t be airing in Iowa until he gets more funds.

Joe Biden has a message about safety, as well as the possibilities of a certain January night.

Edwards talks directly to Iowa with a message on corporate greed and saving the middle class.

Ron Paul’s “Defender of Freedom” debuted a few days ago, but goes on the air today in Iowa and New Hampshire.

And in campaign ad news, Giuliani has completely abandoned the Boston media market, which serves southern New Hampshire, reports Jonathan Martin.