Chloë Sevigny Pretends to Have Drug Problems for Harper’s Bazaar

There’s something undeniably alluring about Chloë Sevigny. The moment we met her in director Larry Clark’s Kids, her unique sense of style came wafting off the screen, securing her place in the fashion zeitgeist. Even now, on HBO’s Big Love, the 33-year-old actress manages to make polygamy attractive—perhaps it has something to do with those just-rolled-out-of-bed eyes. So cool her vibe and refreshing her style, it almost seems like she could do no wrong.

During a recent photo shoot in Paris for Harper’s Bazaar, acclaimed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh chose to give the Look Book spread a decidedly edgy theme—“They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab.” While the Amy Winehouse shout-out is slightly amusing and Ms. Sevigny’s security in her sobriety is kind of refreshing, these pics make her look creepy. In this clip from the Parisian photo sesh, she offers her sense of Mr. Lindbergh’s work. “I love the way he shoots women; they’re always very strong and confident,” she says, adding: “There’s just something romantic and very feminine about his pictures.” Really?