CNN's Brown Responds to Lawsuit Threat from Conservative Group

campbellbrown CNN's Brown Responds to Lawsuit Threat from Conservative GroupCNN’s Campbell Brown has responded to conservative group Citizens United, which last week threatened to sue the network after being described in a report, presented by Ms. Brown, as a "fringe militia."

In a statement to the blog Fishbowl DC, Ms. Brown says:

    I’m glad that this documentary is generating discussion among those that it portrayed – "the passionate partisans on the left and right" We presented a balanced and entertaining look at how various groups of all political persuasions try to influence the process. I am both thrilled with the documentary and the fact that more than million people tuned in.

To which Citizens United’s David Bossie responds with his own statement:

I am sorry to see Campbell Brown try to defend her irresponsible and indefensible reporting. To call somebody part of a "fringe militia" when that person is neither fringe nor militia, nor anything approaching such a characterization, is defamatory and unprofessional. We will have more to say on this in the coming week.

We look forward to it.