Elsewhere: Gillibrand, Bruno, Spitzer

Kirsten Gillibrand is pregnant and due in May.

Joe Bruno wants Eliot Spitzer to call a leadership meeting for Monday to deal with the horse racing problem.

Brad Aaron notes a report that compares congestion pricing to alternative plans says the former will have more immediate impact.

Stephen Green, the city’s largest office landlord, thinks it’s either Thompson or Weiner for mayor in 2009.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign condemns a volunteer who forwarded an email smearing Obama.

The Obama campaign moves its Oprah event to accommodate more people.

Ben has the A.F.S.C.M.E. union’s ad supporting Hillary Clinton.

A Zogby poll shows her with a small lead in Iowa.

Greg Sargent questions Peter Baker’s defense of the Wash Post Obama-Muslim story.

And pictured above are Clinton supporters at a rally in New Hampshire.

Elsewhere: Gillibrand, Bruno, Spitzer