Elton John Given Rare Kiwi Haberdashery

The last thing Elton John needs is another bespoke bird-feather cape, but that’s exactly what he got last night in New Zealand. The “rare” gift, a Korowai cloak, was given to the 60-year-old singer-spectaculare by the island nation’s Maori communities. No longer simply a knight of Britain, Mr. John can now claim honorary membership in the Ngati Te Whiti sub-tribe. According to a statement released today by Peter Love, an official for the communities, the cloak is “the Maori equivalent to an Academy Award.” Mr. Love added that the Tiny Dancer was chosen in “recognition of the enjoyment Sir Elton John’s music has given to Maori over the years and his loyal continuance to return to Aotearoa [New Zealand] to entertain.” And entertain he does. Last night, Mr. John performed in front of 15,000 people in the city of New Plymouth.