Happy New Year From Tom Cruise!

It’s hard to believe that the first pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ family holiday card won’t grace the cover of Vanity Fair—à la baby Suri—this year. No, this time around, Us snapped up the exclusive. The handsome card’s designer, none other than Ms. Holmes, even put the names of her two stepchildren, Bella and Connor, on the cream, brown and burgundy number. (Suri, of course, has already beaten her mother to the StephenCrane punch; the wee tot already has her own postcards.) The most surprising aspect of the festive greeting is not the awkward bow knotted around it, but rather the fact that Ms. Cruise signs her name as “Kate”—something her hubby calls her, at least in public.

And while we’re not exactly sure what Scientologists celebrate in the month of December, a source close to the couple said the Cruises would be spending the holiday in Telluride, Colo., where they have a home. “Katie has kept her staff busy doing the shopping, and even had a different gift-wrapping design for different categories: family, friends, business associates,” the source added.