Atonement Is a Triumph; Golden Compass Baffles

rex atonement 120707 Atonement Is a Triumph; Golden Compass Baffles

Atonement Is My Favorite of the Year!


The genuinely talented Joe Wright has made a film to make us believe in movies again. MORE …

Must I Atone for My Love of Atonement?


From Keira Knightley to the hair and makeup lady, the people behind this adaptation of Ian McEwan’s WWII epic created a movie so good, it’s almost sinful. MORE …

Kidman’s Face Is Perfect for Sci-Fi!


Last weekend, family fun ruled the box office as Enchanted, that Amy Adams-Patrick Dempsey Disney fairy-tale romp, was again No. 1, bringing in another $17 million, totalling more than $70 million overall (that’s a lot of Mcdollars). This might be good news for New Line, ready to unveil its big hitter for the season, the ambitious The Golden Compass. MORE …

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