L’après-midi d’un Président: Nicolas Sarkozy’s Magical Escape From Reporters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy wiggled out of answering questions about his reported new flame, a singer and former model named Carla Bruni. While visiting a museum in the south of France today, Mr. Sarkozy, 52, who divorced his second wife last October, spoke to journalists about the area’s natural environs. In a move both bold and clever, a reporter jumped on the topical opportunity to squeeze fresh news from the imposing politico. “Speaking of the environment, I understand yours has changed,” they said to the figurehead. Upon hearing this, Mr. Sarkozy reportedly became tangled in the branches of a nearby tree, using the snag to end the Q&A session early.

His supposed romance with the 38-year-old heiress to a tire fortune has gripped the nation for the last two days, sparked when they were photographed together at Euro Disney over the weekend. At a press conference sometime later today, another reporter asked him if the media maelstrom surrounding the relationship irked him. “You want me to comment on the media?” Mr. Sarkozy asked in return. When he was pressed further, the president shot back: “No, I’m not bothered.” He was then rushed out of the room by his team of bodyguards.