In the Observer: Giuliani, Carson, Cuomo

Jason Horowitz looks at how some of the Rudy Giuliani faithful are a little uneasy about the candidate’s recent spate of bad press.

Horowitz also has a profile of Jay Carson, Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary, who denies that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to play him in an upcoming movie.

I have a piece on increasingly visible storyline that Andrew Cuomo will run for governor in 2010.

Steve Kornacki notes Hillary Clinton bashing Barack Obama and has déjà vu.

Of the contradictions between the rhetoric of the Bush administration and the N.I.E. report on Iran, Joe Conason writes, “Sometimes their behavior raises real concern about their own capacity to perceive reality.”

Robert Barnett, the Beltway’s book agent, downplays his role in landing massive advances for his clients in an interview with Leon Neyfakh

And Felix Gillette wonders about some ABC scoops.


In the Observer: Giuliani, Carson, Cuomo