Newsweek's Isikoff: I Had Story on Rudy's Terror Money Before Voice's Barrett

This week’s issue of Newsweek contains a story by DC investigative reporter Michael Isikoff on Rudy Giuliani’s ties to terror-financing outfits in the Middle East. The piece treads much of the same ground as a Village Voice story by Wayne Barrett published last week. Today, in a blog post that drew attention to the two pieces under the heading “Giving Credit Where It’s Due,” The Voice appeared to argue that its reporting should have been credited by Newsweek.

Media Mob asked Mr. Isikoff about the decision not to credit The Voice. Here’s his emailed response:

Fair question. The truth is I was aware of, and done reporting on all this, before the Village Voice piece and even before the earlier Wall Street Journal piece by Mary Jacoby. I wasn’t aware of the Singapore connection until the Chicago Tribune disclosed it, which is why I credited them.

No intention to slight Wayne Barrett who was generously credited in our cover story on Rudy last week.