Kristian Laliberte Apologizes, Sets Record Straight

As promised, here follows Kristian Laliberte’s response to the recent claims made by writer-critic Ana Finel Honigman. (In short, Ms. Honigman told The Daily Transom that Mr. Laliberte heavily borrowed language from her yet-unpublished Tank Magazine article on FameTheory, an artist collective, to craft his press release for, a social ranking Web site.)

First off, I want to apologize to Ms. Finel Honigman for any confusion my email may have caused. With any new and exciting company, there is a lot of information and paper to go over. I was under the impression that I was simply taking existing company literature and reworking it for an email I sent to you introducing’s press release. At no point was I working under the assumption that I was taking language out of an as-yet to be published document. Due to the nature of fame theory, any verbage that is used has to be very specific, so naturally there will be overlaps. In this case, I want to assure Ms. Honigman that it was nothing more sinister than a mix-up. For the record, the same people behind FameTheory are also the creators of