McEntee: Hillary Spent ‘More Time at the Towers’ Than Rudy

AFSCME president Gerald McEntee, talking about “The Hillary Clinton I Know” just now at a rally in Des Moines, included the following observation: “She spent more time at the Towers, in my opinion, than Rudy Giuliani.”

I called Giuliani’s senior political adviser Tony Carbonetti for a response, and he said, “Rudy Giuliani’s commitment to his city and his country on Sept. 11 and the days and months following speaks for itself.”

Which may not be their last word on the matter.

UPDATE: McEntee’s office just sent over a statement:

“I was talking about her record on behalf of getting health care for 9/11 workers. Her record in that area is unparalleled and speaks to the kind of President she’ll be for the American people.”