More Exercises in Brilliance from Dictionaries: W00t Named ‘Word of the Year’

oxfordenglishdictionary 0 More Exercises in Brilliance from Dictionaries: W00t Named Word of the YearIt’s like saying "yay," says Merriam-Webster, the Massachusetts-based dictionary company, about their word of the year:


"It could be after a triumph or for no reason at all," Merriam-Webster said, according to Reuters. Thanks, online gamer nerds and 15-year-old text messaging addicts!

Visitors to Merriam-Webster’s Web site were invited to vote for one of 20 words and phrases culled from the most frequently looked-up words on the site and submitted by readers.

Runner-up was "facebook" as a new verb meaning to add someone to a list of friends on the Web site or to search for people on the social networking site.

Merriam-Webster President John Morse said "w00t" reflected the growing use of numeric keyboards to type words.

"People look for self-evident numeral-letter substitutions: 0 for O; 3 for E; 7 for T; and 4 for A," he said. "This is simply a different and more efficient way of representing the alphabetical character."


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