Napoleon Dynamite Director’s Next Project: Gentlemen Broncos

Jared Hess and his writer wife Jerusha Hess are looking to strike quirky indie gold again with their follow-up to Napoleon Dynamite (and the much less successful Nacho Libre): Gentlemen Broncos. “The film returns to the indie NAPOLEON roots and follows a high school outcast who’s an aspiring fantasy author,” according to “He attends a fantasy convention to show off his work and finds his supposed masterpiece – ‘Yeast Lords’ – ripped off by legendary novelist Ronald Chevalier, who has turned desperate for ideas.”

JoBlo reports:

Sounds like NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets RUSHMORE and I’ve got to say it sounds pretty damn funny. I’m just dying to know the significance of the title of the movie… Mike White, who co-wrote NACHO with Hess, will produce the film. Filming is scheduled to take place next March in Utah (the setting for NAPOLEON as well).