National Polls: Obama and Clinton Tied in N.H. and Iowa; Giuliani Plummets in S.C.

New Hampshire is a toss-up between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Romney still leads Republicans. [Concord Monitor/Research 2000]

Since July, once-frontrunner Rudy Giuliani has plummeted from 30 to 16 percent in South Carolina–Mike Huckabee now leads with 24 percent. Among Democrats, Clinton’s lead narrows. [CNN/Opinion Research]

African Americans in South Carolina are now evenly split between Clinton and Obama. [CNN/Opinion Research]

Clinton and Obama are tied at 27 percent in Iowa. John Edwards is in third place with 22 percent. [Diageo/Hotline]

Clinton and Giuliani lead their fields in Wisconsin. [Strategic Vision]

And both have a commanding lead in New Jersey. [Quinnipiac]