New Bloomberg for President Web Site

On the heels of the latest speculation about Michael Bloomberg as both a presidential and vice-presidential candidate, Karin Gallet, self-appointed organizer of the Draft Bloomberg movement, has launched a new web site.

The new site, Unite for Mike, features a poll asking visitors why they want Bloomberg for president. As of 7:30 a.m., there were 44 votes.

The breakdown:

He is fiscally conservative: 7 % (3 votes)
He is socially moderate: 5% (2 votes)
I don’t, the status quo is alright with me: 5% (2 votes)
All of the above: 80% (35 votes)

Another poll asked, “Would you vote for an Obama Bloomberg ticket?”


Yes, because Bloomberg should be president: 83% (5 votes)
Yes, if they run as an Independent Ticket: 50% (3 votes)
Yes, if they run as Democrats: 17% (1 vote)
Yes, because Obama should be President: 0
No, Bloomberg’s talents are better used elsewhere: 0

The website also has its own companion blog written by Boston-area resident Michael White. Via email this morning White told me:

I’m just a concerned citizen who thinks Bloomberg should run because he’d be a great President who’d provide non-partisan leadership and get things done. I started the Bloomberg Blog because it seemed like there was a need for a site that keeps track of all the latest news and speculation."

In a later email he added that he is a high school senior, and "will be old enough to vote in 2008."

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