New Imus Sidekick Says She's 'Not Paid to be His Policeman'

In an interview with Essence, Karith Foster talks at some length about her decision to sign on as one of Don Imus’ new sidekicks.

“My parents were like, ‘Is this something you want to do? Is this something you are prepared to do? Is this a person you want to work with?'” said Ms. Foster, a 33-year-old black comedian and Harlem resident.

“Well, I am not here to defend the man,” she added. “I am also not paid to be his policeman. I am here to contribute to a historically entertaining show. I have no issue whatsoever speaking up when I feel the need to.”

How did the gig come about?

Ms. Foster told Essence that she was simply in the right place at the right time.

“It was arranged through a manager,” she said. “I remember very vividly when everything happened because my uncle had just passed away that weekend when everything broke, and [Imus] was meeting with the Rutgers women. I remember thinking, Wow, I just wish I had been there to be able to say something. It’s kind of like the universe heard me.”