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Her rise followed the departure of Jim Stuckey, who once served as the face of Forest City’s controversial development at Atlantic Yards—a plan she vehemently supports for the new jobs, the new affordable housing and, yes, the N.B.A.’s New Jersey Nets coming to town.

“For little ol’ me, growing up in Canarsie, to be involved in bringing professional sports back to Brooklyn, I mean, even when I talk with my family and friends, we still can’t believe it.”

To critics, her boss, developer Bruce Ratner, seemed long obsessed with building the tallest tower in Brooklyn. How does installing a female president impact the penis-envy question?

Not an issue, Ms. Minieri said, laughing. “It was quickly remedied by taking the height down off the building.”

Steven Roth is one hard-headed developer. Just ask the rival CEO whom, according to a source, the bald Vornado Realty Trust chairman literally head-butted during a dispute at a recent industry conference.

You can imagine just how standoffish the tough-talking, highly competitive office-space mogul (ranked No. 39 on Golf Digest’s 2006 list of the nation’s top CEO golfers) seemed when surrounded by four rivals, all jockeying for sole development rights of the West Side rail yards.

At a press conference, The Observer cautiously approached the typically secretive CEO, who rarely grants interviews, and gingerly asked a few questions, including: When must Merrill Lynch decide whether to relocate to the Vornado-owned Hotel Pennsylvania?

To which Mr. Roth, who somewhat resembles a bulldog, snapped, “How should I know?”

His own entourage seemed startled. One woman even scolded him: “Steven! He’s a nice young man!”

New York’s City Shapers