VSL// As if science wasn’t weird enough…

Though science has confounded us since tenth-grade physics, it has never stopped being a fascinating subject. And now the aptly named blog Oddee — devoted to listing the top “oddities of our world” (including peculiar streets, the craziest dictators, and the most amazing extinct animals) — has managed to unearth the “10 Most Bizarre Scientific Papers.”

Starting with the No. 1 spot, “The Effect of Country Music on Suicide,” the list goes through such diverse topics as “Chickens Prefer Humans” and “Ultrasonic Velocity in Cheddar Cheese as Affected by Temperature” and culminates with “Impact of Wet Underwear on Thermoregulatory Responses and Thermal Comfort in the Cold” (turns out it all has to do with the thickness of the underwear). No matter how zany the topic, the science and the people behind each paper are perfectly serious. The list is fun to read and educational — and it will make you never look at a chicken quite the same way again.

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VSL// As if science wasn’t weird enough…