One Doctoroff Story, Two Covers

manhattanmedia One Doctoroff Story, Two CoversEver wonder what happens when a fairly-new monthly paper, City Hall, operates in the same vicinity as a more rambunctious alt-weekly, the New York Press, and they are both owned by the same company?

City Hall‘s cover story is about Dan Doctoroff’s departure from the Bloomberg administration, with the nostalgic headline “One Last Look.” The cover story in the New York Press is virtually the same article, by the same reporter–“Andrew Hawkins” in C.H.N. and “Andrew J. Hawkins” in the Press–headlined “Development Hell.”

One line in the N.Y.P. story that does not appear in the City Hall News version is this line: "As he looks back over his tenure, Doctoroff articulates for the first time what has been obvious to others for awhile: the adjustment period wasn’t easy."

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