Oops! Gladwell Accidentally Accuses Bell Curve Authors of Wanting to Put Dumb People in Camps

Kudos to Jeff Bercovici from Portfolio’s Mixed Media blog for noticing this amusing correction from The New Yorker‘s end of the year fiction issue, regarding Malcolm Gladwell’s Dec. 17 piece “None of the Above”:

CORRECTION: In his December 17th piece, “None of the Above,” Malcolm Gladwell states that Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, in their 1994 book “The Bell Curve,” proposed that Americans with low I.Q.s be “sequestered in a ‘high-tech’ version of an Indian reservation.” In fact, Herrnstein and Murray deplored the prospect of such “custodialism” and recommended that steps be taken to avert it. We regret the error.

For more on The New Yorker‘s history with corrections, click here and scroll about halfway down to the second item.