Packer’s New Yorker Article Comes to Off Broadway

The Culture Project, an Off Broadway collective that stages timely political dramas, will produce George Packer’s stage adaptation of his New Yorker article published on March 26, “Betrayed.” Pippin Parker, founder and former assistant director of Naked Angels, directs the production, which begins performances at Culture Project’s SoHo Theater Jan. 25 for a Feb. 5 opening, according to Playbill. Mr. Packer, in the “A Reporter at Large” column, examined Iraqi translators who helped the American occupation and now face uncertainty about their own survival. For the article, the writer met with two young Iraqi translators, Othman and Laith, at the Palestine Hotel, in Baghdad.

From the hotel window, Othman could see the palace domes of the Green Zone directly across the Tigris River. “It’s sad,” he told me. “With all the hopes that we had, and all the dreams, I was totally against the word ‘invasion.’ Wherever I go, I was defending the Americans and strongly saying, ‘America was here to make a change.’ Now I have my doubts.”

Laith was more blunt: “Sometimes, I feel like we’re standing in line for a ticket, waiting to die.”