Philip Glass Recruits Sufjan Stevens to Save Tibet

Pitchfork is reporting that Sufjan Stevens will join Philip Glass at his annual Tibet House Annual Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall. Nawang Khechog, who makes meditation music that was used in Brad Pitt’s Seven Years in Tibet, and Brazilian pop star Marisa Monte are also lined up to perform on Feb. 13 . Mr. Stevens previously performed at the concert in 2006. Here are some pictures from that show.

Pitchfork tells us:

Sure, Sufjan Stevens tends to focus on the good old U.S. of A. in his music (assuming he even remembers his own 50 States project at this point), but his most recently announced gig will find him branching out into international territory.

The rest of Sufjan’s 2008 looks to be pretty international as well, with his Annual Benefit Concert. Australian and Japanese dates scheduled for January. The Down Under dates, we’re told, will be supplemented by video projections and a wind and brass ensemble. Stevens’ only appearance before that tour is at that rescheduled PENultimate Lit show in Brooklyn this month.