Plaza Is the New UN: Panamanian Buys In for $8.8 M.

Recent Plaza sales seem to have a south-of-the-border theme.

In this week’s Observer, Max Abelson spoke to Rogerio Azcarraga Madero, the Mexican radio mogul whose holding company dropped $8.2 million on a Plaza pad.

And today another deed from The Plaza showed up in city records, this time for $8.791,972.13. The buyer is listed as Kitch Company Corp., a Panamanian entity. The buyer’s lawyer would not comment on the exact nature of buyer, which selected unit 503.

The Plaza’s list of buyers is turning out to be quite the smorgasbord of nationalities. From the Russians to the Panamanians to the Scarsdalians, the quickly-filling hotel is reeling them in.