Potter Boy Radcliffe Gets Feisty With Studio Over Equus

So Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe officially signed the contract to bring Equus (and the 10-minute sex scene that goes along with it) to Broadway next year. The New York Post tells us that he had to wrangle with studios over scheduling obligations to the Potter movies to make it happen.

To sign on for the New York production, Radcliffe had to stand up to Warner Brothers, the producer of the “Harry Potter” series. The studio wanted the actor to make back-to-back movies: “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

Radcliffe, who’s earned about $50 million from the series, balked, saying he wanted a break between movies to do Broadway, sources say. He got his way.

We’re as excted to see Mr. Radcliffe’s razor-sharp nipples as any Gryffindor scarf-wearing 11 year old, we guess. But we’re not about to go all Beatles on Broadway. We’re praying it doesn’t look like what happened during the London production, as the Post‘s described:

In London, fans regularly mobbed the stage door. A phalanx of London bobbies always escorted Radcliffe to his car. He’d pause on the way to sign “Equus” posters and playbills but refused to sign any “Harry Potter” memorabilia.

One night, the crowd was so thick that Griffiths – who scares away kiddie fans with a nasty Vernon stare – got trapped in the theater and had to sneak out a window.

Galloping gargoyles!



Potter Boy Radcliffe Gets Feisty With Studio Over Equus