Price of 31 West 52nd? $595 M., SL Green Says

31west52ndstreet Price of 31 West 52nd? $595 M., SL Green SaysIt seems the Deutsche Bank-owned building at 31 West 52nd Street sold to Albert Behler’s Paramount Group for just shy of $600 million, according to SL Green, the city’s biggest office landlord.

Last month, we reported that the building went for more than $500 million, though SL Green today released a slideshow from its investor conference that had a list of recent deals including 31 West 52nd Street (even though, to our knowledge, SL Green wasn’t involved in this particular one). The price: $595 million, or $812 a foot for the 723,000-square-foot building.

We have a call out to Paramount to confirm, but haven’t yet heard back.

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