Project Sunlight, O.T.B.

Here’s the website for Andrew Cuomo’s just-debuted Project Sunlight. [ Project Sunlight]

Michael Bloomberg and the City Council announce they are starting a non-profit group to help homeowners deal with the foreclosure crisis. [City Room]

Rock Hackshaw thinks Bloomberg is right about a referendum on term limits. He also calls Azi “intrepid.” [Room Eight]

A report shows the feds arrested twice as many illegal immigrants in New Jersey this year as last. [Queens Crap]

Phil Anderson notes Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who is charged with rape, is trying to use the Judygate scandal as part of his defense. [Albany Project]

Liz reports that the drivers’ license issue is now showing up in a congressional race on Long Island. [Daily Politics]

The R.N.C. convention is going to have a bigger presence of bloggers and independent media than ever before. [Minnesota Monitor]

N.J. Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk is flipping her position on the state borrowing money without taxpayer permission. [PolitickerNJ]

A Bloomberg aide insists the mayor isn’t bluffing about shutting O.T.B. [NY Post]

The mayor criticizes the M.T.A. for the second time this week about stalling congestion pricing. [Daily News]

Project Sunlight, O.T.B.