Remains of the Day: Kim Deal, Mozart, Russell Crowe

The Breeders‘ fourth full-length album, Mountain Battles, will finally hit shelves on April 8 next year on 4AD, the label Kim Deal (vocalist and guitarist) started on when she was a bassist for the Pixies. She has been working on the new album since 2002.

A page of Mozart’s manuscript is auctioned off by Sotheby’s for $228,484.

Is the New Museum selling itself short? “Not to sound like an ingrate or be a buzz-kill, but I believe the museum, cool-looking as it is, is short on exhibition space.”

Universal got what they wanted for Hannukah: Russell Crowe will replace Brad Pitt in State of Play.

Speaking of Hannukah, the World’s Largest Menorah will light up tonight on Fifth Avenue.

Watch the first five minutes of The Golden Compass here. OMG, talking snow leopard! Psyched!