Report: Judith Regan Talking to News Corp. About a Settlement While Brandishing Mysterious Tape

Newsweek reports that Judith Regan, the outspoken publisher who used to have her own imprint at HarperCollins, is in “conversations” with News Corp. about settling out of court the $100 million dollar lawsuit she filed against the company last month. Citing unnamed media executives, Newsweek reports that “Regan has a tape recording that presumably helps to buttress her allegations in her suit.”

None of the people who spoke to Newsweek could say what exactly might be on the tape or where it came from, but four sources said top-level executives were aware of it.

Considering the dizzying range of accusations Ms. Regan leveled against her opponents in the 70-page suit, this tape–if it does in fact exist–could conceivably contain a lot of different things. Maybe it’s something as relatively small as a recording of her conversation with HarperCollins lawyer Mark Jackson, during which she was alleged to have made the anti-Semitic remarks that precipitated her firing. Or maybe–and this would be substantially more severe a scenario–it could have something to do with that unnamed News Corp. executive mentioned in the suit who, according to Ms. Regan, compelled her to lie to federal investigators about Bernard Kerik, the now-disgraced New York police commissioner with whom she had an affair, in an attempt to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential ambitions.