Savino on the Plight of the New York Legislator

So, the latest Siena poll not only shows Eliot Spitzer’s approval plummeting further, but shows voters overwhelmingly opposed to raising taxes.

Here’s what that combination of data says to Democratic state Senator Diane Savino: “The public is finally starting to realize, they’re paying and paying and paying and they’re not getting the results that they want,” she explained.

“On one hand, you may have the governor who is trying to stand up for the overtaxed and over-burdened New Yorkers and saying no to the legislature, and the legislature–it may put them [all] in a position they don’t know how to get out of,” she said. “They can’t advocate for increased taxes, right?”

(Note: Some legislators, like Assemblywoman Deborah Glick of Manhattan, have spoken favorably about raising taxes, at least on the state’s top wage-earners.)