Scott Weiland: Stoned Toyota Pilot?

Heavy partying is pretty much expected of Scott Weiland, the frontman for sharp-yet-greasy music acts like the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. It’s the whole driving a car and partying thing that doesn’t fly. The cops are pretty sure Mr. Weiland decided to mix the two; he was arrested late last month for driving under the influence of something bad—what, exactly, is still unclear—near L.A. after he got into a “minor accident.” His publicist, pretty much doing exactly what he’s paid to do, promptly denied the charges against his client. Nonetheless, the edgy crooner, 40, who has a history of substance abuse, refused to take a blood or urine test, according to the police report. “Scott was not driving under the influence of a drug, legal or illegal,” Mr. Weiland’s rep, Kristine Ashton-Magnuson, said in a statement obtained by the AP. “He voluntarily took a breathalyzer test which the defense believes registers well within the legal limit…He is anxious to get to court … and clear this matter up.” He won’t have to wait very long; released on $40,000 bail, the lyricist-singer is expected to show up in court on Dec. 13.