Serrano: Time to Revisit Bruno's Problems

Over the last few rough months for Eliot Spitzer, it’s been easy to forget that Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has problems of his own.

One Democratic official I spoke to hopes that the big Times story on Bruno this weekend–it dealt with Bruno’s employment with an investment firm that handles money for a number of unions whose interests Bruno champions in Albany–is a signal that the media’s critical attention is beginning to shift to Bruno again.

“All that Joe Bruno and the Republicans have been doing to try to embarrass the governor is essentially a smoke screen to divert many of the issues that the Republicans are having,” Democratic state Senator Jose Serrano just told me.

He added, “I think what we’ll see now is a bit more of a level of the playing field, and there will be equal time for everyone to look very closely at what the governor is doing and to look at what Joe Bruno and the Republicans are doing.”