Shott On Location: Matt Dillon’s Favorite CD Store–Now With CDs!

Is that Tito Puente I hear in the distance?

It’s hard to tell, what with neo-classical shred violinist Michael Shulman just down the corridor, in black leather pants, loudly noodling to an instrumental track of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.”

But, yes, upon closer inspection, the sounds of salsa emanating from the brightly lit nook across from Wachovia signify that subterranean music retailer Record Mart is indeed back in business inside the labyrinthine Times Square subway station. (The store had been closed during station renovations.)

That’s good news for Latin fans. Take actor Matt Dillon, who recently told NY1: “It’s kind of an institution … I buy all my Latin CDs, jazz CDs here.”

Yet, when the local news station’s Bobby Cuza dropped by a few days back, there were strangely “not yet any CDs for sale.”

The Observer
had better luck on Friday — Haitian discs on sale for just $1.99 a pop! A manager said more inventory is on its way. Ole!