Silverstein: Just to Show There’s No Hard Feelings…

Almost as if to say, “Really—we aren’t upset,” Silverstein Properties has issued an addendum to its earlier statement on the Port Authority’s excavation delays for Towers 3 and 4 at the World Trade Center site, showering even more praise on the Port Authority.

“We appreciate how much the Port Authority has accomplished this year, and a few extra weeks to complete everything is a minor bump in the road in the context of this entire project,” Silverstein’s head of World Trade Center development, Janno Lieber, said in the statement.

While the two parties have had their share of angry spats over the site, this apparently has not ignited any rage on Silverstein’s end, at least publicly. Of course this time, Silverstein is getting compensated for his troubles at a rate of $300,000 a day. (It leases the site, however, from the Port Authority for about $215,000 a day.)