So There Were These Teddy Bears Made From the Actual Fur of Minks …

Something to think about this Holiday season: “There are so many people that have inherited a family member’s fur.”

Oh, no!

Even worse: “They don’t wear it because they either don’t believe in wearing fur or the style of the piece is out of date.”

That’s Julie Lamarre, owner of Bella Bear Company, explaining in a press release the situation of some of the more fortunate this chilly December.

“They don’t want to dispose of the fur because it has sentimental value, so it sits in the back of the closet or forgotten upstairs in the attic.”

But now, like some maudlin plotline from a very upscale re-do of The Velveteen Rabbit, those furs can find love! How? By being refashioned into the likeness of another animal–a cute little stuffed bear!

Ms. Lamarre, who started the company 18 years ago as a “hobby” when she was just 17 years old, also sells pre-made mink teddy bears. The critters above are in chocolate and caramel, and their price tags range from $125 to $275.